Thu, 27 Jun 2019

The New Katana is a cut above the competition

A brand new street legend with a name familiar to many; the all-new Katana brings cutting-edge sharp power to the hands of riders. With an appearance directly derived and inspired by the iconic 1981 GSX1100S Katana, whilst being imbued with a modern 999cc 4-cylinder engine that offers incredible power, combining it with the effortless agility in the frame. The Katana gives a new throttle control that offers smoothly delivered power, with a broad torque output to empower your acceleration, whether it's from the lights in the city or having some fun with friends at the weekend. 

Far more than an incredible appearance and admirable performance, the sound of the Katana echoes the charisma and power from within, with a unique and emphasised roar thanks to the distinctive 4-2-1 design with equaliser pipes between the header pipes. For your convenience, the Suzuki Katana is fitted with a Low RPM Assist system, alleviating the concern of an unexpected engine stall when you're riding through the congested city commute. Automatically raising the idle speed when engaging the clutch or when riding at low rpms, the ride stays smooth and stable.

We could sit and talk details and specifications for hours, or we could let you know that we have this model available in-store today to come see it in person, or even book a test ride and experience what the new Katana feels like. If you'd like to see the bike in our website and learn more, click here.